Egg Jacuzzi Suite and Hen House

This suite, tucked in on the lowest level of the hotel, is reminiscent of the building’s original use for cold storage. Ice was cut from the nearby mill ponds and stored here. The exposed limestone walls warmly invite you to one of the coziest spots in the hotel. The Egg Suite offers a double whirlpool bath, king bed, private entrance to the outside, and private bath.

The adjoining Hen House may be reserved with the Egg Suite for additional guests. The Hen House includes two twin beds and a second bathroom.   See slideshow below for Hen House photos.

Location in hotel: Stone building, Level A, two levels below the main entrance. The suite has a private entrance that takes you directly outside and allows some natural light. This room is a great choice if you want very private accommodations.

Maximum occupancy: 2 in the Egg Jacuzzi Suite, 2 in the Hen House

Rates: $145-$185 for 2 guests in the Egg Suite, $235-$285 for 4 guests in the Egg Suite & Hen House