Renovations at Stone Mill Hotel & Suites, Lanesboro, MN

 The Stone Mill handymen have been busy this year.  The “handymen” are Rick (Colleen’s father (on the ladder) and Wyatt Seabloom.  Since the office area moved last year, there was space that was not being used as it should be.  With that in mind, the project list was formed.  What started out to be a simple project, turned into putting a fireplace in the lobby, creating an intimate nook in the breakfast area, and expanding and moving the serving area.  Careful planning went into the construction of the fireplace to make sure it fit with the aura of the building.  (see picture to the left.)

When the intimate breakfast nook was created, a wall was added with an original window from the building. This wall also provides additional privacy for the fishing room (see picture to the right).

The original front desk area was revamped and the area is now the serving area for the continental breakfast.  (see picture on the right). Molding was put around the opening and a serving counter was added. The mentioned projects have been completed and the renovations have been getting good responses from the guests.  Our guests are the reason we continue to change and improve things.  Guest satisfaction is important to the team at Stone Mill.  We realize that without our guests, we wouldn’t be in existence.  Thank you, Stone Mill Hotel & Suites guests!

Until next time . . . .