Vacation Destination – Lanesboro, Minnesota


During the last weekend in April, we were given a taste of the upcoming seasons.  Spring and summer are now in sight.

When the gentle spring rains give way to colorful blossoms, I start to think of day trips, weekend trips, family getaways, and summer celebrations.  Lanesboro is the complete vacation destination for couples and families, and is a playground for all ages.  The Root River Trail and Root River, which crisscross in Lanesboro, are perfect for walking, biking, tubing, canoeing, and kayaking.

If you are seeking lodging, Stone Mill Hotel & Suites is a premiere lodging destination in the bluff country of southeastern Minnesota.  If shopping and eating, are on the list, the choices will be plentiful.  If theater and the arts are on the list, you won’t be disappointed.  If comfortable and conveniently located accommodations are on the list, a reservation at Stone Mill Hotel & Suites is the answer.  If an Amish tour is on the list, we can reserve that for you.  If a massage is on the list, we can make an appointment for you.  If sitting and relaxing is on the list, this will be checked off.

We are looking forward to seeing you this summer.  Until next time . . . .