Energy Therapies at Prana Healing Massage

Here at Lanesboro Day Spa and Prana Healing Massage Center we are very grateful to our clients.  I would like to share a comment that we had received:


Prana Healing Massage | Energy Therapies | Lanesboro MNI received a Energy Therapies / Body Massage from Sue Betts, PHA-LMT at Prana Healing Massage Center in the Lanesboro Day Spa and would like to share that she is very thorough with the massage and was able to find the areas that I personally was unaware of until Sue started moving and opening up the  “stuck energies”.  I appreciate her approach and concern for the whole well-being of the body, emotion, and spirit, and how they all play together for a healthier body and mind. I love the felling of the opening, lightness in my body as the massage progresses. I received excellent resources for questions about my muscles, body and daily care for the whole body.  This is one of my favorite massages !!!!!!   — 7/11/2012 Shanna W.