Summer Fun in Lanesboro, MN on the Root River Trail and Root River

We are only days away from celebrating the 4th of July!  Amidst the fireworks and fun of the occasion, thoughts of summer activities come to mind.  Lanesboro is a mecca for summer fun.

The Root River Trail and Root River provide a recreational playground for people of all ages.  Canoeing and kayaking and biking and hiking are only a few of the outdoor activities one might partake in.  Nature and its creatures brighten and give life to the landscape for all to enjoy.

After a day of enjoying the outdoors, treat yourself to all of the modern conveniences that Stone Mill Hotel and Suites has to offer.  Whatever your mood, there is a themed room to suit.

Remember, there is always more to explore in Lanesboro, MN.  Until next time . . . . .