Signs of Spring at Stone Mill Hotel & Suites

DSC03061  Just outside of Stone Mill Hotel & Suites there is a planter, and in this planter each and every spring Cheryl (Colleen’s Mom) always plants beautiful flowers.  In the spring however, there are a few crocuses that always seem to sprout up before anything else can be planted.  DSC03064
We like to think of these delicate and beautiful perennials as the first signs that soon the weather will warm and that the bikers and theater goers will soon be back and another wonderful summer season is just around the corner. 
But there is so much more going on around the Mill here than just beautiful little flowers peaking up through the soil.  We have been hard at work all winter long putting together new ideas and a few new touches here and there to welcome each and every one of you back to your favorite overnight Lanesboro lodging.  We hope that each of you will keep up to date here on our new blog with all the comings and goings of life here at the old Lanesboro FEED MILL. 
Check back often because you never know what can happen just a stone’s throw from anywhere you are…