2012 Christmas Inn Tour
in Lanesboro, Minnesota

The Bed and Breakfast Inns of Lanesboro, Minnesota welcome you Sunday, December 2, from 2:00 – 6:00 pm to the Lanesboro Christmas Inn Tour.  Join us for an afternoon of celebration and tour the Bed and Breakfast Inns that have made Lanesboro the “Bed and Breakfast Capital of MinnesotaWelcome to Stone Mill Hotel & Suites this Christmas Season“.

Stone Mill Hotel & Suites will be decorated in holiday finery and graced with Stone Mill hospitality.  We are already planning the festivities for the day.  As of this writing, Minnesota has had its first taste of winter with measurable snow.  I am so happy the southern part of the state didn’t receive a white blanket.

We are experiencing the beauty of the autumn colors in Lanesboro along with seasonable temperatures.

For further information regarding the Inn Tour and  tickets, please visit www.lanesboro.com or call 800.944.2670.



Autumn Bluffscape Amish Tours
{Historic Lanesboro, Minnesota}

Autumn Bluffscap Amish Tours in Lanesboro MN

September and October are one of the premiere times to ride along on a Bluffscape Amish Tour in Lanesboro. As autumn arrives the Amish of Southeast Minnesota are harvesting their crops of corn and picking late summer produce out of their gardens. You may see shocks of corn drying in the field while your Bluffscape tour guide drives you along country roads to visit the Amish people while narrating about their simple lifestyle. While out on a Bluffscape Amish Tour, you may want to purchase buttery, sweet cashew crunch made by the Amish.

Bluffscape Amish Tours depart Lanesboro daily at 10 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. from the Feed Mill building and Stone Mill Hotel & Suites. Please call now to reserve your seat with Bluffscape at 507.467.3070 or learn more about our quality Bluffscape Amish Tours at www.bluffscape.com.


Stone Mill Hotel & Suites Receives Certificate of Excellence in 2012 from Trip Advisor

We are so excited that Stone Mill Hotel & Suites has received The Certificate of Excellence in 2012 from Trip Advisor.  This award comes from our guests, who we truly value and appreciate.  We recognize that it is our guests that give Stone Mill its lifeblood. We value each and every person that walks through our front door.

We continue to make improvements and are still in that process.  In 2012, we have added an additional guest room and are in the process of putting the finishing touches on the kitchen so we can expand our breakfast offerings and for guests that will be using the retreat center.  The retreat center named the Mill Studio will be open the middle of November to the middle of May.  If you or someone you know plans or participates in small retreats, please help us spread the word.

The door is nearly shut on the season of summer and we are about to open the door to fall.  The days are starting to get shorter and cooler and nature’s beauty is taking on a new look.

Until next time, enjoy the beauty of the season.


Announcing the Mill Studio
Small Group Retreat Center!
{Southeastern MN Group Getaways}

Bring your group to Mill Studio!We here at Stone Mill Hotel & Suites are excited to announce the much anticipated grand opening of Mill Studio Small Group Retreat Center.  Starting in mid-November Stone Mill Hotel & Suites will be expanding its offerings to bring you a premier location for all variety of small group retreats in our beautiful corner of Southeastern Minnesota.

Serving groups of 10 to 24 people the new Mill Studio Small Group Retreat Center is the perfect location for your next small group retreat.  Whether you are planning a quilt retreat, corporate getaway, scrapbooking weekend, business meeting, spiritual gathering, family reunion or other event the staff at Stone Mill is here to serve you. Lodging, meeting spaces and free Wi-Fi are included.

While at the Mill Studio rejuvenate, relax and refresh with services from our staff at our onsite Day Spa. The Lanesboro Day Spa is staffed by licensed, certified massage therapists who provide and inviting and personalized array of professional services to meet a wide variety of client needs.

If you or someone you plans or participate in small group retreats, please consider the Mill Studio Small Group Retreat Center at Stone Mill Hotel & Suites in Lanesboro, MN.  Gather, imagine, create or relax while enjoying the charm and history of this Historic building and beautiful town.

You can find out more about Mill Studio online today at www.stonemillsuites.com/groups.htm or call 507-467-8663 to talk to our staff about your event. We’ll see you soon at the Mill Studio!


The Mill Room Opens at Stone Mill Hotel & Suites in Lanesboro, MN


Last weekend, Lanesboro celebrated Buffalo Bill Days.  This annual town celebration boasted dances, fireworks, volleyball and softball tournaments, and a grand parade.

Not only has Lanesboro been bustling with activities, so has Stone Mill Hotel & Suites.  The newest lodging room is now open.  The Mill Room is a lovely appointed room with a private bathroom and is located in the “mill” part of the building.

What has happened to our long summer days?  As our days are starting to get shorter, I know it will only be a short time and we will be experiencing the beauty of another season. We are so fortunate to live in an area where we can experience the depth of the four seasons.  Shortly, the summer green will give way to the golden shades of autumn.

Soon, I will write about the “Mill Studio”.  In the meantime, enjoy the beauty each day brings!


Energy Therapies at Prana Healing Massage

Here at Lanesboro Day Spa and Prana Healing Massage Center we are very grateful to our clients.  I would like to share a comment that we had received:


Prana Healing Massage | Energy Therapies | Lanesboro MNI received a Energy Therapies / Body Massage from Sue Betts, PHA-LMT at Prana Healing Massage Center in the Lanesboro Day Spa and would like to share that she is very thorough with the massage and was able to find the areas that I personally was unaware of until Sue started moving and opening up the  “stuck energies”.  I appreciate her approach and concern for the whole well-being of the body, emotion, and spirit, and how they all play together for a healthier body and mind. I love the felling of the opening, lightness in my body as the massage progresses. I received excellent resources for questions about my muscles, body and daily care for the whole body.  This is one of my favorite massages !!!!!!   — 7/11/2012 Shanna W.

FOSSE THE CHICKEN Explores Downtown Lanesboro!


Oh My!  What a hot one it is out there today!  This is the hottest July I’ve seen since I was a little chick back on the farm!  Squawk!  It’s enough to even make a chicken be lazy!

But speaking about lazy, there is nothing lazy about Lanesboro!   I just love this town.  There is so much to see and do that all these folks think a day trip will do. They find out that they need to come back and stay a day or two so that they can have the full experience.  Shopping, river activities and of course don’t forget my favorite activity… resting with the one you love!   But alas, I digress…

The really interesting thing is that there is a tremendous amount of ingenuity to the folks that call Lanesboro home.   We have fantastic chefs, Nancy and Dave just to name a few, Spoon Makers, Soap Makers, and Ice Cream galore!

Recently, Minnesota Public Radio and Winona Daily News did a story about some of the new and existing businesses in Historic Downtown Lanesboro!   Lanesboro ‘urban expatriates’ embrace new home.  We are so proud to live and work with these great people that add so much to our unique and charming little town.

Suites Scent from ESSENCE of Lanesboro

Did you know that Peter Bilkey featured in the article above developed a special scent just for Stone Mill?   That was an amusing experience for one of my Inn Keepers, Mandy.  She spent several hours at Peter’s shop with her nose sniffing this scent and that scent.  She found one that she liked and Peter worked his magic by pulling this element out, putting that element in and then shake, shake, mix, mix and what do you know you have this clean, fresh scent that everyone just loves called;  Suites Scent with Juniper!

I would tell you more, because I have some really great stories from each of these folks that really speak to the uniqueness of Lanesboro. However, in such hot weather, even a young chicken such as myself needs to sit on the front deck of Stone Mill and rest.

So have a great time finding out about some of our shop owners and come down and stay  with us some time.  Squawk!


Summer Fun in Lanesboro, MN on the Root River Trail and Root River

We are only days away from celebrating the 4th of July!  Amidst the fireworks and fun of the occasion, thoughts of summer activities come to mind.  Lanesboro is a mecca for summer fun.

The Root River Trail and Root River provide a recreational playground for people of all ages.  Canoeing and kayaking and biking and hiking are only a few of the outdoor activities one might partake in.  Nature and its creatures brighten and give life to the landscape for all to enjoy.

After a day of enjoying the outdoors, treat yourself to all of the modern conveniences that Stone Mill Hotel and Suites has to offer.  Whatever your mood, there is a themed room to suit.

Remember, there is always more to explore in Lanesboro, MN.  Until next time . . . . .




Unlock the Benefits of Bodywork

Sue Betts Prana Healing MassageAt Prana Healing Massage Center www.massageprana.com we are committed to your health and well-being. Today we are going to be talking about unlocking the benefits of Massage:

We know we are what we eat, but have you considered you are also what you think? Most people go to a massage therapist for stress reduction and relaxation. You want your pain to decrease, your tension to melt away, and your body to relax. But what if you can help the process along simply by changing your words and thoughts?

Studies have shown that stress slows wound healing, increases heart rate and blood pressure and even seems to speed aging. We all have been affected by stress and try to find different ways to relieve the tensions. Massage addresses so much of our physical bodies, but what will change your thoughts. Here are a few suggestions that you can bring to your mind during you next massage to enhance lasting effects, decrease stress, and benefit your emotional body, too.

Getting a massage, breath work, qigong, meditation, tai chi, yoga and visualization are some of the things we can do for ourselves. You can incorporate some of these techniques into your massage, starting with meditation. There have been several times that I have taken a minute or two before a bodywork session to do a minin with the clients and help them relax. I asked what the intention is for their sessions today. What would the client like to focus the healing on today. Then we discuss the following techniques that are helpful to clear the mind:

Countdown- count very slowly to yourself from 10 down to zero, one number on each out breath. Breathe in deeply and on your first out breath say “10″ to your self. Repeat and with the next out breath , say “9″ working your way down to zero. When you get to zero, notice how you feel.

Visualize relaxation is another way that can help you relax during your massage. Picture the muscle the therapist is working on and imagine it melting or softening, it can help with the treatment. If you are having a relaxing massage, picture you body melting into the table or turning to jelly.

These techniques can release endorphins throughout the body to relax. Incorporating your mind during bodywork can create an even more enjoyable and relaxing experience.




Stone Mill Hotel & Suites
Renovation Update

Rick 2 (that’s Rick Lamon and Rick Sjarpe) our maintenance team extraordinaire have been very busy!  In fact I have been given instruction to open up another room in our reservation system this week.

Click to View More Renovations

The debate is on as to call this room the CCC room or the Mill room.  We are interested to know which you would rather stay in.  Do you know what CCC means?